4 Replies to “Wind and Solar Cost More”

  1. • Doubling CO2 will have negligible environmental impact; it will make the earth greener.
    • Wind & solar are not competitive with carbon fuels.
    These finding alone obviate the need for a Green New Deal.
    This leaves issues of clean air and water, nuclear power, and battery vehicles to be addressed scientifically.
    • We have the cleanest air and water.
    • Nuclear power must depend on economics and safety – not on emotion.
    • Are BEVs more efficient than ICEs after
    o Increased cost of electricity at home and on the road
    o Proposed taxing per mile not per gallon
    o Foreign sources of materials
    o Mitigating repair of environmental damage of material mining
    o Disposal of batteries
    • Will BEV purchase and maintenance costs become attractive enough to make up for discharge anxiety and long charging times.
    Your comments?

    • Thanks for your comments.
      I’ll be addressing some of these issues, but not specifically BEVs, in my next three articles.
      In one sense, BEVs are more efficient than ICEs in that they convert energy more efficiently than do ICEs. NGCC power plants can be 63% efficient, while an ICE is perhaps 30% efficient. On the other side of the ledger, however, are all the negatives you cite. For me the three most important negatives are: The foreign source of materials; The damage to the environment from mining, and disposal of the batteries. In addition, BEVs are not currently economic. Only time will tell whether they will become economically competitive and whether people will accept some of the conveniences of BEVs as being more important than the three negatives I mentioned. There is the underlying problem of what is required to generate all the electricity that will be needed, and this will be addressed in my next three articles.

  2. Excellent video showing the obvious to those who engage in critical thinking — something greatly missing (and ignored) in the mass media of today. Can’t wait for the next follow-on video.