Beware of Attacks on Freedom

Beware of Attacks on Freedom

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, RI, has said that the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), should be used against climate deniers. He said, “[Conduct a] RICO investigation of corporations and other organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change, as a means to forestall America’s response to climate change.”

Various entities in the United States have sued Exxon over climate change issue.

These efforts are meant to intimidate corporations and people. To force them to fall in line and support actions to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

Thus far, American courts have ruled against these types of lawsuits, but a Supreme Court that is packed with liberals in favor of climate action could result in legal measures against Americans. Any organization who campaigned against wind and solar, for example, could be charged with RICO violations.

This is no idle threat.

As reported by Clean Energy Wire (CLEW):

“Germany’s highest court has just ruled that the government’s climate legislation is insufficient, lacking detail on emission reduction targets beyond 2030. The decision ‘significantly strengthens’ climate action.”

The court ruled, quoting CLEW:

“If the government fails to protect the climate, it could violate citizens’ fundamental rights, legal experts said.”


“Germany’s Constitutional Court has found in a landmark ruling that key parts of the country’s climate legislation are insufficient … [obligating] the government to introduce details on greenhouse gas reduction targets.”

Picture from CLEW article. Photo: FfF.

The decision has been called historic. It makes clear that failing to take climate action could violate the “fundamental rights” of [German] citizens.

Green hysteria in Germany is not based on real science. More and more scientists are saying that CO2 emissions are not an existential threat.

But these actions in Germany are a warning. Climate hysteria can destroy freedom.

The US Supreme Court, in a 5 – 4 decision, has already ruled that the EPA could regulate greenhouse gasses, which resulted in the EPA’s “endangerment finding”.

Senator Whitehouse’s desire to use RICO laws against American citizens who disagree with him, is a warning sign that American freedoms are also in danger.

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9 Replies to “Beware of Attacks on Freedom”

  1. Paul Krugman, who likes to call himself “The Conscience of a Liberal” said in 2013 “may you be punished in the afterlife” if you deny global warming. So … I guess his liberal value system does not allow free speech unless it follows his religion. This sounds somewhat like Pope Urban who sentenced Galileo to house arrest until his death, just because he told the truth about the solar system.

  2. Completion of the natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany was just approved by Biden. I thought Germany was going to eliminate fossil fuels. Maybe not.

    • Europe has created a huge problem for itself, including Germany that has been leading the way to cut GHG emissions.
      Energiewende is actually failing, so Germany is now pushing Hydrogen with a Hydrogen strategy. At the same time, they continue to use natural gas since their economy would collapse if they stopped using it.
      Their goal is zero carbon by 2050, just like President Biden’s. It’s a fantasy that will destroy all of us if we aren’t careful.

  3. Senator Whitehouse seems to be one of the most arrogant and uninformed Senators on Energy requirements in the US.
    Can he really believe intermittent power windmills and solar panels are going to meet the energy demands in Mass especially in the cold, snowy winters or even the summers.
    See below the current dependence on Whitehouse’s constituents on oil

    “Also, 31% of Massachusetts homes use fuel oil for heating. Of the 2.5 million homes in Massachusetts, 0.8 million households use fuel oil.”
    I don’t know how many more use natural gas for heating, bet there aren’t many now using electricity.
    Has he thought this through?

    • Thanks for you comments, which are accurate facts.
      There are Senators and members of the House who are ideologues intent on doing away with fossil fuels. Facts are of no interest to them. A few actually believe that fossil fuels are an existential threat, but most are merely using the issue to promote Marxism.

      • just looked it up 50% heat with natural gas now so the task to replace with intermittent windmills and solar panels is even more awesome than I thought earlier, probably impossible from the financial and material resources viewpoint.

        • Wind and solar are not viable energy sources for a modern economy. Without long term battery storage they are actually dangerous and will lead tp blackouts. Batteries can only supply relatively small amounts of electricity for short periods of time.
          Trying to replace natural gas for heating homes with electricity from wind and solar is also a non viable proposal. And hydrogen is a fantasy.

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