German Floods and Climate Change

German Floods and Climate Change...

Recent floods in Germany, with considerable loss of life, are tragic.

Politicians, environmentalists, and the media, all condemned CO2 induced climate change as the cause of flooding.

Any objective person, however, would recognize that this claim was preposterous.

While traveling in Germany along the Danube, I saw a number of situations where flooding had occurred many times over the centuries.

This picture of high water levels, marked on the side of a building, is a graphic record of flooding in one town along the Danube. As is obvious, the flooding occurred repeatedly over a period of 500 years. The most recent flooding was in 2013 where the water level almost reached the level that occurred in 1501.

Photo by D. Dears

The year this picture was taken, Germany was in a period of drought, where the water level was too low to allow river boats to pass through long stretches of the Danube. 

The media was blaming the drought on climate change.

While the recent floods were along the Rivers Ahr, and Erft, not the Danube, the history is very similar.

An article by P Gosselin, Germany Flood Catastrophe, referenced a report, by Dr. Karl August Seel who provided a History of River Ahr flooding back to the year 1348.

The article contained a picture, similar to mine, showing flood levels on a bridge over the Ahr River.

From, Die Ahr und ihre Hochwässer in alten Quellen, Dr. Karl August Seel

The historical record makes it  abundantly clear that climate change is not causing floods or droughts in Germany.

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As always, links to sources are available on request.

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6 Replies to “German Floods and Climate Change”

  1. Europe’s long history such as these markings, provide Compelling evidence that the floods are due to nature and natural forces. Perhaps Humans could mitigate flooding but in your examples, nature still rules. Thank you for posting!

  2. Great picture of flood marks. This should have been printed on the front page of the New York Times.

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  4. Global warming & cooling has been repeating in cycles over millennials & the resulting glacial periods have left undeniable evidence of these events in MI,WS,IL,IN,OH & more.
    Can someone explain what melted these huge (multi mile high) ice flows?