Feeding The Crocodile

Feeding The Crocodile

Winston Churchill, while looking at the world around him, with countries trying to avoid the oncoming disaster, said:

“Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. But I fear greatly that the storm will not pass. It will rage and it will roar ever more loudly, ever more widely.”

This is America’s situation today, as we are threatened by fear of climate change, supposedly caused by CO2, and the specter of net-zero carbon.

The Chief Executive of Dow Chemical, Jim Fitterling, after having tried to appease the crocodile of net-zero carbon by approving of Biden’s rejoining the Paris climate agreement, is raising his voice in opposition to the elimination of natural gas from the energy mix.

He went to the White House to object to being eaten by the crocodile.

Quoting the Wall Street Journal: “He warned about the potential consequences of any policy that would exclude natural gas from the energy mix.”

He now realizes that net-zero carbon will cost his company dearly after it invested billions in factories to take advantage of America’s abundant, cheap natural gas. 

But the WSJ also appears to be avoiding the net-zero carbon issue.

Here is Dow Chemical, one of America’s largest corporations, warning about the importance of natural gas … and the WSJ buries the story on page 10, of Section B.

The story deserved to be the lead story on page 1, of Section B, but instead the story is hard to find, partially hidden on the far right column of page 10.

On the same day, the WSJ ran an advertisement on page A12A saying: 

“Trust your source. Trust your decision.” 

Followed by a large WSJ, covering the bottom of the page.

Copy of message on Page A12A

Clearly, this was a mixed message after pigeonholing an important news-story affecting businesses.

Too many CEOs are playing a political game, supporting net-zero carbon, while hoping the crocodile devours someone else first.

Even the CEO of DOW Chemical is still trying to appease the crocodile by pleading he supports cutting CO2 emissions.

But the crocodile doesn’t care.

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10 Replies to “Feeding The Crocodile”

      • There have been many Glacial Cycles in the past (tens of thousands of years), the evidence is everywhere. These glaciers were over 4000 ft thick! What “human activity” could have influenced the growth or recession of these massive ice flows? The obvious answer is: Human activity could NOT have had any influence in these glacial cycles so why would anyone suspect “Man Made” Global Warming today?

        • Thanks for your comments. Yes. And these ice flows, glaciers, caused the ground to be depressed which is now resulting in isostatic rebound which affects apparent sea level rise and fall

  1. Donn
    This is a very well made point. As you know, there is growing evidence that net zero is a sham. Dow can’t beat the crocodile alone. It will take the entire business community to become engaged and committed to advocating a reasonable policy that is better than Paris.

  2. Donn, I read the WUWT Blog on “Follow the Money”. In the article Dr. Paul Rossiter made reference to NGO’s and Special Interests… I agree with Rossiter, the well funded NGO’s and Special Intersts are well orchestrated in the Net Zero Path. Important and more science based voices of true Patriots like you and your following are more inclined to believe in economic freedom and Capitalism. The Socialists and companies that are linked with government, including large Utilities, tend to follow the path of government, the MSM and popular, (unfortunately today, Socialistic) beliefs. I wrote my thoughts on my Blog. Thanks again for all you do! You set a fine example for us to follow.
    Dick Storm

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Net-zero carbon is a real threat to our country. And, yes, too many corporate CEOs are playing the WOKE game and undermining our country, and actually, their best interests as well.
      You make a great contribution with your blog, so thanks for that also.