Germany Opposes Nuclear Power for Everyone

Germany Opposes Nuclear Power for Everyone

Germany has been working studiously at COP 26, at Glasgow, to have nuclear excluded from any sustainable investment made by any country.

Here is a quote, taken from CLEW (Clean Energy Wire) that affirms Germany’s position on nuclear.

“Germany will work towards an exclusion of nuclear power from the EU taxonomy for sustainable investments, the country’s environment minister Svenja Schulze has affirmed. ‘We don’t want nuclear energy, we don’t think it’s sustainable and we don’t want the EU to support it,’ the acting minister from the Social Democrats (SPD) told newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe in an article carried by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.”

In this context, taxonomy means a list of sustainable investments.

This means the EU, and its members, would not provide funding, i.e., investments, for nuclear power anywhere in the world. This would be in addition to the barring of investments in coal-fired power plants by international banks announced at COP 26.

At this point, it would appear as though COP 26 won’t include such an exclusion, but it establishes Germany’s broad opposition to nuclear power and that Germany is a powerful enemy of nuclear power.

Germany will shutter its last nuclear power plant next year. 

CLEW went on to quote the Bavarian premier:

“Bavarian state premier Markus Söder backed Schulze’s rejection to make the technology a tool for climate action, arguing that Germany’s nuclear phase-out ‘is based on broad societal acceptance.’“

If that’s what Germans want, that’s their decision?

Grohnde nuclear power plant to close end of 2021

That Germany is willing to deny this source of electricity to other countries speaks volumes about their ideology. It’s their way, or the highway.

Germany has bet its future on wind and solar and battery-powered vehicles. At this point, Germany is losing its bet on wind and solar. 

This fixation on climate change, and demanding that the rest of the world follow them down this path of self destruction, reflects a psychology that has not served Germany well.

Germany’s economy is largely based on exports, and these actions to eliminate fossil fuels, even though Germany supports the use of natural gas as a bridging fuel, will increase the cost of German products and make them uncompetitive on the world market.

This is why Germany is supporting a carbon border tax (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) and asking the United States to join it in establishing this new tax at COP 26.

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