China’s Role in Climate Change

China’s Role in Climate Change

The real issue, however, is: Can China be trusted?

China has committed to being carbon neutral by 2060. Can the world rely on this commitment?

Or, does China have a different agenda?

Richard Lindzen’s recent article in Tablet highlighted several important facts. 

This chart from his article shows that CO2 emissions from Asia, India and China swamp the emissions from the Anglosphere, as Lindzen describes Europe and the United States.

This graph measures CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels and cement production only—land use change is not included.

With China continuing to build coal-fired power plants at an astonishing rate, China must have a different view of climate change than does the Anglosphere. Lindzen points out that China’s rulers are technically educated while those in the Anglosphere are largely not. He suggests that China considers threats from CO2, if any, as being manageable.

While China makes promises about cutting CO2 emissions, what do China’s actions say? Deeds not words, is what is important when examining our relationship with China.

Lindzen highlights another very disturbing action by China. China is actually inciting support for climate alarmism, since climate alarmism policies in the Anglosphere benefit China. 

For example, the Sino-American Youth Dialogue, has promoted climate alarm among young Americans. Specifically, here are a few quotations from the invitation sent by Sino-American Youth Dialogue to MIT students:

“Instruction for Submissions to the Sino-American Youth Dialogue on Climate Change” 

“With rapid growth of the global population and the continuous expansion of the world economy, carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere have surged. Extreme disasters induced by global warming keep popping up. The world is undergoing irreversible climate change. It is in everyone’s stake to protect the planet we call home. We must confront the problems brought to mother nature by climate change and seek solutions in cooperation, sharing responsibility as two major countries and collectively building ‘a community with a shared future for mankind.’”

To advance the world’s climate change governance and to highlight the responsibility and commitment of Chinese and American youth on this issue, the student of Tsinghua University and MIT will jointly hold the Sino-American Youth Dialogue on Climate Change on October 8, 2021.”

(Highlighting added)

The letter offered a cash award for those making the most compelling argument in support of climate alarmism.

 “A total of 9 Outstanding Submissions will be selected from the three categories (academic, media, and practice), with 3 from each category. Each winner will be awarded ¥5,000 (about $772); 6 Best Presentation Awards will be selected based on authors’ oral presentations, and each will be awarded ¥10,000 (about $1,544).”

Note how China refers to world governance.

How should Americans respond to duplicitous actions taken by China?

Can China be trusted?

This is a crucial issue highlighted in the forthcoming new book, Net-zero Carbon, The Climate policy Destroying America.


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