Climate Policies Put Lives in Danger

Climate Policies Put Lives in Danger

The new book Net-zero Carbon, The Climate Policy Destroying America, establishes why net-zero carbon policies harm Americans.

Here is an overview of the book, Net-zero Carbon:

  • Net-zero Carbon reveals how net-zero climate policies endanger the lives of Americans while increasing the cost of energy, food, and everyday living.
  • Net-zero carbon policies sacrifice America’s energy independence, exchanging it for dependency on foreign countries, namely China, for the critical materials needed for wind and solar farms and battery-powered vehicles.
  • Net-zero carbon policies do away with free markets while increasing the government’s control over the lives of all Americans. Recent government actions have demonstrated that bureaucrats will go to any length to impose government policies.
  • Net-zero Carbon dispels the misleading message promoted by the media and the government about catastrophic climate change.
  • Net-zero Carbon provides you with essential information that allows you to help preserve your family’s freedom.

This book is essential reading for every American who is troubled by the misleading information in the media about climate change and the effects of policies designed to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

Let this be the first book you read in the new year.

It could be the most important book you will read in 2022.

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