Net-Zero Carbon and the Electric Grid

Net-zero Carbon and the Electric Grid

Chapter 2 of Net-zero Carbon, The Climate Policy Destroying America, provides a glimpse into how climate policies endanger our electric grid.

While Chapter 2 of Net-zero Carbon is an essential introduction to the issue of how net-zero carbon policies are sacrificing reliability, everyone can benefit from a more thorough understanding of how the electric grid is managed.

These two books published in 2020 were the first to expose the mismanagement of the electric grid.


Looming Energy Crisis            

Quoting from Shorting the Grid:

“Again, I note: This book is not a complete and academic description of grid governance. People might fall asleep attempting to read a full-fledged description of grid governance in the RTO areas.”

 “[However,] if they truly understood what they were reading, they would be furious.”

Quoting from The Looming Energy Crisis:

“The fact is, RTO/ISOs have failed to achieve the lowest cost electricity and are jeopardizing reliability.”

Both books established that the blackouts in Texas were inevitable. While neither predicted the Texas blackouts, both showed they were bound to happen.

While a complete understanding of the electrical engineering behind the operation of the grid requires an engineering degree, both books provide an easy-to-understand overview of how the grid operates.

Both are available on Amazon.

Shorting the Grid devotes a chapter to why the grid must always remain in balance. Similarly, The Looming Energy Crisis uses the first chapter to describe the components of the grid and the need for baseload, i.e., dispatchable power generation.

As a nation, we confront an ideology threatening our lives and our social order.

The importance of energy cannot be understated. 

Every American needs to understand how energy is produced and distributed, and how climate policies destroy the safe production and delivery of energy in America.

Our lives depend on it.

Net-Zero Carbon

Available from Amazon

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2 Replies to “Net-Zero Carbon and the Electric Grid”

  1. lots of reviewers of the Shorting book claim its shows how to get to a Net Zero electrical grid … (maybe with nukes …) but they seem to think she is a fan of renewables …

    • I can’t speak for Angwin, however she is a supporter of nuclear power. Her book makes that clear. I’m also a supporter of nuclear power, but am realistic enough to see that the opponents of nuclear have poisoned the well to such an extent that a revival of nuclear power in the US is unlikely.
      Shorting the Grid shows how the grid is being mismanaged to the detriment of people in every RTO/ISO area.