Americans are the Villains

Americans are the Villains

Americans are the villains enabling climate change.

A new study, Impacts of poverty alleviation on national and global carbon emissions, was summarized as follows: 

“Wealth and income are disproportionately distributed among the global population. … Consumption patterns and consumption-based carbon footprints, result in carbon inequality. Due to persistent inequality, millions of people still live in poverty today.”

There is a Marxist tone to the statement, “Disproportionately distributed”.

The example they use?

“The carbon footprint of a person living in sub-Saharan Africa is 0.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide (tCO2). Meanwhile, the average US citizen produces 14.5 tCO2 per year.”

Getting to the point, the lead author of the study said:

“The inequality is just insane. If we want to reduce our carbon emissions, we really need to do something about the consumption patterns of the super-rich.”

Dr. Hubacek, an author of the study said: “The study not only includes direct emissions, [e.g., heating of homes] but [also] the embodied carbon emissions in the products people buy. So it’s taking account of the entire global supply chains to calculate those carbon emissions.”

This map from the study includes embedded emission, i.e., from imported goods.

The super-rich are Americans.

The article establishes that the average carbon footprint in the top 1% of emitters is more than 75-times higher than that in the bottom 50%.

The study emphasizes there is no validity to the claim, that:

“Cutting the carbon footprint of rich countries is useless because these emissions will be replaced by emissions from growing nations.” 

For Example: 

It’s wrong to say that cutting US CO2 emissions is useless because China’s emissions will merely replace those cut by the US.

Quoting the article:

“This paper exposes these claims as willfully ignorant, at best. By far the worst polluters are the super-rich, most of whom live in high income countries.”

This graphic from the article establishes the crux of the story:

Americans, the richest based on purchasing power, need to cut their emissions dramatically.

When climate alarmists talk about cutting CO2 emissions, they are targeting Americans.

In reality, the poor need economic growth and only fossil fuels can provide the energy needed for growth.


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