Clean Energy Crisis

Clean Energy Crisis

Clean Energy Crisis is the title of my new book now available on Amazon.

The complete title is:

Clean Energy Crisis

The Challenge of Replacing Fossil Fuels

Americans are being asked to replace fossil fuels with clean energy, in the form of wind and solar to generate electricity, and battery-powered vehicles to replace the use of gasoline and diesel fuel.

This effort has received powerful support from the current administration, international organizations, and many corporations.

But there has been little discussion of the implications of such a transformation or whether it is even possible.

There has also been little discussion of whether this transformation is in the best interests of Americans.

The energy transformation could be considered a difficult topic to unravel, but Clean Energy Crisis addresses each element of the transformation in simple language that is easily understood.

The LookInside feature on Amazon allows you to read part of the first chapter, and to see who has endorsed the book.

Clean Energy Crisis

It’s my hope Americans will find this book to be an important source of information that will help them decide whether the energy transition is in their best interests.

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