About Clean Energy Crisis

About Clean Energy Crisis

There are several important issues about the energy transition that need to be discussed.

  • Does the United States have ample fossil fuel reserves, sufficient to be the “energy arsenal” for the free world?
  • Can wind and solar replace fossil fuels?
  • What is the role of nuclear power?
  • Can the grid supply enough electricity to support using battery-powered vehicles and also use electricity rather than natural gas to heat America’s homes?
  • Are there sufficient supplies of raw materials to meet the demand caused by using battery-powered vehicles in place of vehicles powered by fossil fuels?
  • Where are the mines and processing centers for the materials used by batteries?
  • Is climate change sufficient reason to abandon fossil fuels?
  • Are America’s best interests being served by the energy transition?

Table 7 is of interest as it shows the amount of materials the US will require if all the cars sold in the US are BEVs.

But Table 8 is more interesting and revealing.

The energy transformation could be considered a difficult topic to unravel, but Clean Energy Crisis addresses each element of the transformation in simple language that is easily understood.

The LookInside feature on Amazon allows you to see who has endorsed the book, see chapter headings and read part of the first chapter.

Clean Energy Crisis

It’s my intent for this book to be an important source of information that helps Americans decide whether the energy transition is in their best interests.

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