America on the Cusp

America on the Cusp

Is it too late to save America?

President Biden announced his reelection campaign this week, and many Republicans turned up their noses in disdain of the buffoon in the White House.

But Biden knows politics better than anything else, and he undertook his reelection campaign with an understanding of how the voting will likely play out.

This map of electoral college votes by state, shows probable results for 2024. Biden receives 279 votes and needs only 270 to win reelection. And this doesn’t include Arizona or Georgia that Biden won in 2020.

The fact is, the Democrats have been successful beyond their wildest dreams in Balkanizing the electorate, pitting group against group. First rich against poor, then by race, and now with special subgroups, such as LGBTQ and transgenders. 

The Democrats have positioned America as a country founded on race.  A country that subjected indigenous people to death marches and massacres. 

The real history of America is lost in this highly successful smear campaign.

There’s also special issues that get precedence over any other issue when people vote. 

Abortion found young women voting in response to the Supreme Court’s, Dobbs decision, where their votes upended the red wave in the last election.

There are Libertarians who are so independent they cast useless votes that accomplish nothing.

If these single issue voters vote as they did in the last election, it will merely increase the Democrat majority.

When looking at the electoral college map, try to identify any of the Blue states that could be turned Red.

America is on the cusp of its demise.

Can it be saved?

There must be a plan to turn at least one of the Blue states Red, while keeping all the Red states from turning Blue.

That’s the real challenge in the next election.

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5 Replies to “America on the Cusp”

  1. Donn,
    We all hate to discuss the decline of America, but facing the reality of Biden’s & Democrat’s Energy Policy, Open Borders, Weaponized-UN-American Bureaucrats working in earnest against traditional American values, and many questionable election vote harvesting issues in 2020….. this is worrisome. Thank you for your insight. We can hope and pray that American voters “Wake-up”

    • He’s destroying America, yet, even with all the terrible things he has done the Democrats still have an advantage.
      I hope my post will get people thinking about how to turn the Blue states Red.

  2. the Dems advantage has nothing to do with messaging or even campaigns … they have a well funded system to get out and collect ballots … 70% of people voted BEFORE election day in 2020 … the GOP messed up by focusing on get out the vote on Election Day … the only folks that vote of election day are Independents and Republicans … the issues drive Independents (about 35% of the electorate) … everyone else is a party line voter … participation rate is the key via for early voting/mail in voting …

  3. A sober warming to all. Throw in also “climate change” and the socialist propaganda machine is a massive hurdle. All this can be fixed with education — but that system has also been corrupted.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      I hope Americans will see the danger and vote the laft out. But it will be a life and death struggle.