Resuming Publication

Resuming Publication..

A quick explanation as to why I have decided to resume writing articles.

A year ago I was told I had six months to live. Six months ago I was told I had two months to live. 

By God’s good graces I’m still alive and doing as well as can be expected with mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos. Like many others who have mesothelioma, I was exposed in both the US Navy and Merchant Marine.

While I can’t do many things, I can still write.

Our country has many crucial issues and, to the extent I can, it’s only appropriate for me to write about them if I have the knowledge and experience to address them.

As before, please comment on my articles, especially if you believe I have made a mistake. 

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23 Replies to “Resuming Publication”

  1. So sorry to learn that you have Mesothelioma.

    May your stay close to family, friends, and those who look to reading your articles.

    John Shanahan
    Denver, Colorado

  2. Dear Donn: I’m glad you decided to share more of your knowledge and experience with us. I searched for the phrase “Asbestos Exposure in the Navy” and located an informative web page from the Lanier Law Firm. (I’m sure you know this material.)

    • Yes. Mesothelioma is cause by exposure to asbestos. The ships back in the 40s and 50s were mostly steam turbines with boilers. Asbestos covered all the pipes and it was necessary to patch them with new asbestos mixed with water where the asbestos covering the piping was damaged.

  3. Thank you Don for expanding our knowledge on everything energy related. You been able to help us counter the media’s obsession of climate change with facts they find inconvenient.
    Bless you and keep it going!!

  4. Welcome back. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you battle your health issues.

    I have always enjoyed your posts since I happened across them and was disappointed when you stopped

    Know that your writing serves a purpose, as do you

  5. Dear Donn,
    Glad seeing you again on net! I had been missing you and your factual comments so much! You see, I am an old chemist (80, polymer science) and follow current climate madness closely and your observations have helped great deal forming my attitude plus publish presentations and articles on returning to common sense – cannot share – writing to domestic readership only (in Czech).
    Anyway, wishing all the best I remain in the meantime with love, toasting for your good health with excellent wine!

  6. I’m very happy you’re still with us and commenting with your usual clarity. Years ago, I challenged a VP of the Sierra Club who came to meet nine of us in Manhattan. He knew of your name and the book from which I read excerpts. He agreed some of the claims you addressed were excessive. He didn’t admit that the SC had latched onto Global Warming as a means to increase membership and a large income stream. But, it was a quiet denial. Thanks for your help, information and your spirited continuance. I hope it goes on and on.

  7. Donn, I’m glad to hear you are doing “as well as can be expected.”
    Bless you for continuing writing your articles. I share your perspective, but you are much more eloquent than am I. I really enjoy what you write and will be buying a couple of your books as well.

    Thank you for all you do.

  8. Glad you are back at it!! You were sorely missed! You were one of my “go to” sites to include articles for my newsletter.

  9. Donn,

    It’s great to hear that your doctors were off on their estimates. Keep out of sandstorms as we have been researching the effects of long-term exposure to silica.

    Looking forward to your insights on the energy and power front.

  10. I continue to appreciate your common-sense approach to humanity’s use of energy and its impact (or lack thereof) on our planet. I prefer your calm voice of reason instead of the hysteria and fearmongering that has become so prevalent. Charles Munger, Warren Buffett’s number two man summarized the situation with “Show me the incentive, and I’ll show you the outcome.” Unfortunately, the economic elites that have designed this system, which benefits those elites, also have the means to aggressively lobby for the policies that benefit them.

    Other voices of reason include Michael Shellenberger, who wrote the book Apocalypse Never in 2020. There are also good Substacks by Doomberg, environMENTAL, and Green Leap Forward.

    I invite other readers of Donn Dears to share the identities of additional voices of reason.