America is Blessed, Part 1

America is Blessed, Part 1..

The United States has a vast supply of natural gas.

In addition to the natural gas associated with drilling for oil, and natural gas fields in the southern states, there are three huge fields in Appalachia.

Mega giant fields are defined as having recoverable reserves in excess of 300 Trillion-CubicFeet (TCF).

Mega giant fields are extremely rare, and two of them, the Marcellus and Utica shales, are in Appalachia. A third, the Burket/Geneseo Shale, is slightly smaller, but is also located in Appalachia.

The largest of the three, the Marcellus, has just under 1,000 TCF of recoverable reserves.

From Gregory Wrightstone: America’s Natural Gas Juggernaut

Combined, these three Appalachian fields contain just under 3,700 TCF.

This is more than in the other ten largest fields in the world, combined.

The other ten larges fields in the world contain 3,653 TCF of natural gas, with the largest of the ten, the South Pars field in the Arabian Gulf, containing 1,800 TCF.

Pipelines are needed to take advantage of this blessing.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline connecting the Marcellus, Burket, Utica, fields was approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), in 2017, and is 94% complete, but has been delayed by activist lawsuits.

Recently, the Supreme Court granted a request to lift lower court orders that had stopped completion of the pipeline.

Congress also approved all necessary permits for the pipeline and declared that the pipeline is in the national interests.

Undeterred, environmentalists are continuing their efforts to stop the pipeline, but when it’s completed, it will allow natural gas to flow from Appalachia to where it can be used. 

Natural gas provides the US with cheap, and plentiful energy, that’s used to heat homes and businesses, and to generate inexpensive electricity.

The US is blessed to have more natural gas than any other country in the world.

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4 Replies to “America is Blessed, Part 1”

  1. Thank you Donn. Another great post with lots of important information delivered with economy of words.

  2. Dear Donn: Thank you for another fact-packed article. The so-called environmental groups have lobbied to prevent natural gas pipelines to connect the huge natural gas resources in Appalachia with the load centers in the eastern U.S. If these roadblocks persist, I wonder if it would make economic sense to construct large combined cycle generators in Appalachia running at high capacity factors. Electric transmission lines could transmit this base load power where it is needed.