Modular Nuclear Reactors

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Proposed small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) could revitalize the nuclear industry in the United States, assuming their costs can be substantially below the $6,000 per KW cost of traditional nuclear power plants, such as those being built in Georgia and Continue reading Modular Nuclear Reactors

Another CO2 Sequestration Proposal

CO2 Sequestration, Donn Dears

Over the past few months there has been a steady stream of announcements intended to show that CO2 could be sequestered, thereby eliminating the threat of climate change from using fossil fuels. Clexit For a Brighter Future addressed announcements that Continue reading Another CO2 Sequestration Proposal

Why the United States Should Withdraw from the UNFCCC Treaty

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change treaty was ratified by the US Senate in 1992, yet most Americans are unaware of America’s commitments under this treaty … or that we had entered into the treaty. The new book, Continue reading Why the United States Should Withdraw from the UNFCCC Treaty

Australian Heatwave Excuses

The Australian heatwave of 2017 should be a wakeup call that renewables are unreliable, and not be the basis for excuses in efforts to explain away the recent South Australia blackouts. The South Australia government had been warned about the Continue reading Australian Heatwave Excuses