America’s LNG Export Potential

…America’s LNG Export Potential… The current status of natural gas production, consumption and exports is in a state of flux brought about by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  How much LNG has the United States exported, and can the US Continue reading America’s LNG Export Potential

Americans are the Villains

…Americans are the Villains… Americans are the villains enabling climate change. A new study, Impacts of poverty alleviation on national and global carbon emissions, was summarized as follows:  “Wealth and income are disproportionately distributed among the global population. … Consumption Continue reading Americans are the Villains

How Europe Dithers

…How Europe Dithers… While Europe fiddled with climate related renewable energy projects, it allowed itself to become dependent on Russian energy. In spite of all that has happened with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it appears as though Europe is still Continue reading How Europe Dithers

SEC Promotes Net Zero

…SEC Promotes Net Zero… The SEC is preparing to issue rules requiring corporations “to provide certain climate-related information in their registration statements and annual reports [that have] a material impact on its business, results of operations, or financial condition.”  It Continue reading SEC Promotes Net Zero