Climate Activists Target ESG

…Climate Activists Target ESG… Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are used to measure whether a corporation is being environmentally and climate friendly. Climate activists are targeting ESG as a means for forcing companies to meet ESG criteria of their Continue reading Climate Activists Target ESG

Buying a House Without Plumbing

…Buying a House Without Plumbing… A house without plumbing and cooking facilities costs a lot less than a house with all the necessary features. It’s analogous to building wind and solar power plants, where many of the costs aren’t included. Continue reading Buying a House Without Plumbing

Dr Happer Explains Effects of CO2

…Dr Happer Explains Effects of CO2… PowerForUSA has referenced the Happer and Wijngaarden paper, Dependence of Earth’s Thermal Radiation on Five Most Abundant Greenhouse Gases, in several articles. Questions about the paper demand a fuller explanation, and Dr. Happer, Professor Continue reading Dr Happer Explains Effects of CO2

Message for all Americans

…Message for all Americans… Two facts are of vital importance for all Americans to understand as we enter 2021. Scientists have established that the five most abundant greenhouse gasses will not significantly increase temperatures if they double from current levels. Continue reading Message for all Americans

Why The “Ice Trust” Matters Today

…Why The “Ice Trust” Matters Today… In 1899, the American Ice Company, with important investors from Tammany Hall, was formed from its predecessor, the Consolidated Ice Company. The objective was to create a monopoly so that the price of ice Continue reading Why The “Ice Trust” Matters Today