Clean Energy Promotion

…Clean Energy Promotion… One wonders whether the Wall Street Journal is being paid to publish reports on energy issues that are merely propaganda for clean energy. The latest example was the Alternative Energy special section on November 14. It promoted: Continue reading Clean Energy Promotion

Germany Addresses Critical Materials

…Germany Addresses Critical Materials… Germany’s economy and climate ministry (BMWK) Issued a report showing that Germany was very dependent on critical materials, more so than previously thought. An article, referring to the report, in Clean Energy Wire (CLEW) said: According Continue reading Germany Addresses Critical Materials

Editors and Obvious Misinformation

…Editors and Obvious Misinformation… Editors should be able to prevent publishing obvious errors.  Even though the left has turned words upside down Orwellian style, the left certainly can’t claim that an error is not an error. A recent article made the Continue reading Editors and Obvious Misinformation

Is America at a Crossroads?

…Is America at a Crossroads?… Will America have to choose between environmental issues, such as endangered species and air pollution, or mining for critical minerals? While the media has focused on minerals for batteries and clean energy, there are other Continue reading Is America at a Crossroads?

Blackouts Threaten New England, Again

…Blackouts Threaten New England, Again… It was only a few years ago, the winter of 2018, that New England was spared from dangerous blackouts by storing oil at key natural gas power plants. Natural gas power plants can burn oil Continue reading Blackouts Threaten New England, Again