Replacing Russian Energy

Crude Oil Imports from Russia in million barrels per day

…Replacing Russian Energy… The Russian invasion of the Ukraine has thrust Russia’s energy strategy to the forefront. Which is more strategically important, oil or natural gas? In terms of dollars, oil and natural gas have about the same economic value. Here Continue reading Replacing Russian Energy

Examining Market Structure for Electricity

…Examining Market Structure for Electricity… When they were formed twenty years ago, RTO/ISOs were supposed to develop competitive markets for electricity that resulted in the lowest possible price for electricity for consumers in the regions covered by RTO/ISOs. As shown Continue reading Examining Market Structure for Electricity

Australia Demands More Gas

Two years ago, The New South Wales government shutdown drilling for natural gas because people protested against drilling for natural gas. Similarly, local governments elsewhere in Australia have acquiesced to demands made by people protesting against natural gas and coal Continue reading Australia Demands More Gas

Have the Saudis Opened Pandora’s Box?

In February, 1945, the ruler of an impoverished country, King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, met with the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, President Roosevelt. The meeting took place aboard the cruiser USS Quincy in the Great Continue reading Have the Saudis Opened Pandora’s Box?