Fascinating Energy Efficiency Assertions

The view of a huge residential apartment building

…Fascinating Energy Efficiency Assertions… (The following article was published in November 2015 and is still relevant today. It is repeated now, with updates, by an associate, while I do not have access to the Internet.) Extreme environmental organizations preach that Continue reading Fascinating Energy Efficiency Assertions

Deceitful Studies

Some organizations publish studies purporting to demonstrate why their proposals are good for America, but the studies are based on opinions masquerading as facts. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEE) recently published another study, quoted by the liberal Continue reading Deceitful Studies

Energy Efficiency Fiction

The drumbeat continues: Energy efficiency can dramatically cut energy use … perhaps by 50%. While LEDs can result in real energy savings at a reasonable cost, some organizations continue to trumpet preposterous and outrageous claims about energy efficiency. A recent Continue reading Energy Efficiency Fiction

Role of Combined Heat Power

Environmental organizations repeatedly attempt to deride the efficiency of existing power plants and promote the use of combined heat and power (CHP). Some radical environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, claim that CHP has en efficiency of over 90%. Greenpeace makes Continue reading Role of Combined Heat Power

Only LEDs Can Significantly Cut Electricity Usage

Lighting consumes around 15% of all energy usage in the United States, and nearly a quarter of all electricity usage across all sectors of the United States economy. Only air-conditioning represents a comparable opportunity for reducing electricity usage across all Continue reading Only LEDs Can Significantly Cut Electricity Usage

Energy Efficiency Mirage

It’s fair to say that it’s possible to improve energy efficiency, but it’s also fair to say that improved energy efficiency usually comes at a cost. It’s the costs that organizations promoting energy efficiency like to ignore. Automobiles have improved Continue reading Energy Efficiency Mirage