Economic Opportunities and Rebates

There is considerable press about large improvements in energy efficiency resulting from utilities, and others, providing rebates for the purchase of energy efficient appliances. These rebates are largely mandated by government. Energy Star appliances, for example, are pushed by Green Continue reading Economic Opportunities and Rebates

Energy Efficiency Commonsense

Many organizations are trumpeting the importance of energy efficiency while also making recommendations on how to improve it. People are likely to accept these recommendations without much thought, since improving efficiency is seen as being inherently good. There is a Continue reading Energy Efficiency Commonsense

Investment Truths

Improving energy efficiency is an important objective. Equally important is the efficient use of money, a limited economic resource. Improving energy efficiency without regard to cost is not a sound objective, yet this has become the mantra for this administration Continue reading Investment Truths

Distorted Energy Efficiency Assertions

Extreme environmental organizations preach that the United States lags in energy efficiency and that the United States could improve energy efficiency by as much as 40%. Organizations such as the Sierra Club, Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), Greenpeace and the Continue reading Distorted Energy Efficiency Assertions