Latest on Algae

Periodically a report surfaces, extolling the virtues of algae as a substitute for oil and gasoline. The latest is about Sapphire Energy, a company that is experimenting with algae. It has an algae farm in New Mexico where it claims Continue reading Latest on Algae

Logistics and Printing

Logistical issues should put an end to Secretary of The Navy, Ray Mabus’ dangerous obsession of burdening the Navy with bio-fuels. An area in which Secretary Mabus could devote some valuable resources is the development of printing. Printing could alleviate Continue reading Logistics and Printing

China’s Claims to South China Sea

China has long considered the South China Sea as one of the “near seas”, which form a core strategic interest. Large reserves of oil and natural gas have been identified in the South China Sea, as well as the East Continue reading China’s Claims to South China Sea

Defense Dollars Wasted

While the Department of Defense (DOD) budget is being eviscerated and our fighting ability emasculated, the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, is forcing the Navy to spend money on biofuels. The latest example of this was the Navy’s purchase Continue reading Defense Dollars Wasted

Latest on Biofuels

The Wall Street Journal had a glowing article about the latest development for using algae to produce ethanol. A casual reader would assume that the age of “algae” was at hand, possibly to replace the age of “oil”. The article Continue reading Latest on Biofuels