Ethanol 15%

Biofuel policy has been a field of dreams, where government policy mandated the use of a product that didn’t exist. The EPA insisted that companies obtain waivers in the form of RINs, at a cost of millions of dollars, when Continue reading Ethanol 15%

Hydro Power, Real Renewable Energy

There are 54,000 dams in the United States, higher than 5 Ft., which are not currently equipped to generate electricity. The Department of Energy (DOE) determined that these non-powered dams (NPDs) could provide 12,000 MW of generating capacity. A mere Continue reading Hydro Power, Real Renewable Energy

Implications of Fusion Power

The hype accompanying the Lockheed announcement of its fusion power development distorted the potential benefits of fusion power. There is no question that fusion power has great potential, and could be the primary source of electricity when other power generation Continue reading Implications of Fusion Power

EIA Levelized Costs Can be Misleading

The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) has become a tool used by advocates of wind and solar to mislead the public, with the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) inflating the cost of electricity from coal. The EIA assigns a cost Continue reading EIA Levelized Costs Can be Misleading

Solar Energy Update

Many advances have been made in solar power over the past few years. This is a brief overview of solar available today. Photo Voltaic (PV) Flat panel PV installations where semi-conductors convert sunlight to DC electricity are common on residential, Continue reading Solar Energy Update