Installed Wind Capacity Braggadocio

…Installed Wind Capacity Braggadocio… The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is constantly bragging about increases in installed wind capacity. AWEA has made statements such as the following from its 2016 annual report: “Wind power delivered 30% of all new capacity Continue reading Installed Wind Capacity Braggadocio

Why Wind Energy is a Bad Idea

In a casual conversation, I was asked why wind energy is a bad idea. Once again, I realized that a one or two-word answer could not convey a readily understandable and accurate picture of wind energy. This article will try Continue reading Why Wind Energy is a Bad Idea

Capacity Factor and Reality

Capacity Factor is key to understanding the ineffectiveness of the most popular renewables, wind and solar. Power generation equipment, from steam turbines to wind turbines, are assigned nameplate ratings. The nameplate rating defines the amount of electricity a unit, be Continue reading Capacity Factor and Reality