Editors and Obvious Misinformation

…Editors and Obvious Misinformation… Editors should be able to prevent publishing obvious errors.  Even though the left has turned words upside down Orwellian style, the left certainly can’t claim that an error is not an error. A recent article made the Continue reading Editors and Obvious Misinformation

Novel Grid Battery Introduced

…Novel Grid Battery Introduced… A revolutionary new battery design was recently announced that used basic materials, i.e., iron and water, where the battery can store electricity for as long as 100 hours rather than only a few hours with Lithium-ion Continue reading Novel Grid Battery Introduced

Best Car Technology

…Best Car Technology… Battery-powered vehicles (BEVs) are currently the darling of the media and proponents of net-zero carbon policies. But widespread adoption of BEVs have serious consequences, not the least of which is that BEVs require the use of rare, Continue reading Best Car Technology

Whose Money is it, Anyway?

Investigation source of funds for carbon free economy

…Whose Money is it, Anyway?… According to many people, the world needs to invest $4 trillion a year to transition to a carbon-free economy.  The WSJ article said that $4 trillion is not a large sum. It quotes the CEO Continue reading Whose Money is it, Anyway?

US Strategic Minerals Deficiencies

EV sales scenarios vis-a-vis light vehicle production

…US Strategic Minerals Deficiencies… According to the latest report on supply chains, issued June of this year, i.e., The Whitehouse, 100-Day Reviews under Executive Order 14017, three minerals used in Lithium-ion batteries represent a strategic threat to the United States. Continue reading US Strategic Minerals Deficiencies