WSJ CO2 Battery Agenda

In Front of the Meter Solar Generation

The Wall Street Journal continues its support for leftist ideas.

Its recent article on batteries, The Birth of the Super-Battery, extolls the virtues of batteries, while ignoring their deficiencies and limitations. 
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PG&E Storage Appraisal

Storage is seen by many as the savior of unreliable renewables, yet it would seem that the additional costs of storage, both the initial and perpetual costs, are enormous and that current technologies aren’t viable. In 2016, Pacific Gas & Electric Continue reading PG&E Storage Appraisal

Electric Vehicle’s Disappoint

The year, 2015 must have been disappointing for those promoting electric vehicles. In total, the sale of PHEVs and BEVs were down 4%, though the sale of BEVs were up 11.5% from 2014. As this would indicate, the sale of Continue reading Electric Vehicle’s Disappoint

Robots to Replace Human Workers

The following headlines highlight how robots might be able to replace human workers. RoboBees with Laser Eyes Could Locate Disaster Victims How Robots Are Building a 3D-Printed Metal Bridge in Amsterdam Your Next Garbageman Could Be a Robot (These three Continue reading Robots to Replace Human Workers

Battery Car Sales First Half Report

The sale of PHEVs and EVs remained a mixed bag in the second quarter of 2015. US Sales of Electric Vehicles, Including HEVs 2015 Month Hybrid (HEVs) PHEVs & Extended Range Vehicles Battery (BEVs) Total PHEV& EV January 25,312 2,113 Continue reading Battery Car Sales First Half Report

The Grid is Essential for America’s Well Being

A number of my articles have pointed out that the grid is essential and worth saving. For example, wind energy cannot transmit electricity without the grid. There also isn’t enough rooftop space in cities for PV rooftop installations to provide city Continue reading The Grid is Essential for America’s Well Being