Storage is Essential for Wind and Solar

  Electricity must be generated as it’s being used, so that demand and supply are always kept in balance. This is a critical factor with respect to unreliable, wind and solar. When the wind stops blowing or the sun stops Continue reading Storage is Essential for Wind and Solar

Best and Worst in Energy Arena

We are only a few years into the 21st century, but already there are important hits and misses, or successes and failures in the energy arena. In view of the media frenzy surrounding energy, it might be interesting to review Continue reading Best and Worst in Energy Arena

Batteries, the Achilles Heel

Batteries, the Achilles Heel   The sale of EVs and PHEVs has been sluggish, probably because of the high cost of the battery. The 16 kWh battery for the Volt, for example, costs around $10,000, while the 24 kWh battery Continue reading Batteries, the Achilles Heel

Hyping Electric Vehicle Sales

The audacity of EV and PHEV proponents is staggering. In the face of sluggish sales for EVs and PHEVs, there is an attempt to distort sales figures by including Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Proponents announced that 487,480 electric vehicles were sold Continue reading Hyping Electric Vehicle Sales

Energy Clarity

Political rhetoric will engulf the nation over the next few months, and “clean energy” will command center stage.  “Clean energy” is categorized as the opposite of dirty, pollutant and CO2 emitting fossil fuels. CO2 will be called a pollutant, which Continue reading Energy Clarity

Pumping Up Storage

This is a play on pumped storage, where water is pumped uphill to a reservoir, and then released to flow downhill through a turbine to generate electricity. It’s the only proven method for storing large amounts of electricity, though there Continue reading Pumping Up Storage