Should America’s Future Rely on BEVs? Part 1

comparison of CO2 emission

…Should America’s Future Rely on BEVs? Part 1… A recent article, Norway an EV role model? published by EnergyPostEU, highlighted information that caught my attention, because it showed that battery powered vehicles (BEVs) may not be the best choice for Continue reading Should America’s Future Rely on BEVs? Part 1

No Gasoline Cars after 2035

…No Gasoline Cars after 2035… (This is a repost of an article that was erased from the website by accident. A total of four articles will be republished over the next several weeks due to their being erased.) Senator Merkley Continue reading No Gasoline Cars after 2035

BEV Report Card for 2019

…BEV Report Card for 2019… In many respects, sales of battery-powered vehicles (BEVs) were a disappointment in 2019, while future prospects, especially in Europe, seem brighter. Stock prices shouldn’t be confused with progress. US BEV sales increased by only one Continue reading BEV Report Card for 2019

Battery-Powered Vehicle Status

…Battery-Powered Vehicle Status… The major headlines from the latest sales report are: Sales of PHEVs continued their decline in the third quarter. Sales of BEVs also declined in the third quarter, but so did all light vehicle sales. YTD sales Continue reading Battery-Powered Vehicle Status

Battery-Powered Vehicle 1Q Results

…Battery-Powered Vehicle 1Q Results… Sales started slowly in 2019, but picked up in March. Sales of BEVs increased over the first quarter of last year, while the sale of PHEVs declined year over year. BEV sales, as a percentage of Continue reading Battery-Powered Vehicle 1Q Results

Status of Battery-Powered Vehicles

…Status of Battery-Powered Vehicles… The fourth quarter saw a surge in battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales, primarily as the result of Tesla’s efforts to produce its Model 3. As a result, 4Q BEV sales increased, month over month, by 204%, Continue reading Status of Battery-Powered Vehicles