Can Battery-Powered Vehicles Compete?

…Can Battery-Powered Vehicles Compete?… My April 26 article showed that the best all-around vehicle was the ICE, and that a plug-in hybrid was a viable alternative, but that battery powered vehicles (BEVs) just didn’t add up. It referenced another article Continue reading Can Battery-Powered Vehicles Compete?

Europe’s Rendezvous with Destiny

…Europe’s Rendezvous with Destiny… Europe’s obsession with eliminating fossil fuels has led it to the brink of disaster. By relying on Russian energy to avoid developing its own, Europe has placed itself at Russia’s mercy. This strategic dependency is now Continue reading Europe’s Rendezvous with Destiny

Best Car Technology

…Best Car Technology… Battery-powered vehicles (BEVs) are currently the darling of the media and proponents of net-zero carbon policies. But widespread adoption of BEVs have serious consequences, not the least of which is that BEVs require the use of rare, Continue reading Best Car Technology

Achilles Heel of Battery-Powered Vehicles, Part 1

Evacuation in progress at Tampa before a hurricane

…Achilles Heel of Battery-Powered Vehicles, Part 1… Is charging battery-powered vehicles (BEVs) merely a nuisance? Or is it something more serious? Here is a scenario that needs to be considered:  Evacuations ahead of hurricanes Every year the states along the Continue reading Achilles Heel of Battery-Powered Vehicles, Part 1

How to Tax ICEs

Mapping European cities using internal combustion engines

…How to Tax ICEs… Government bureaucrats will go to any length to impose their ideology on Americans. Here is a new proposal that’s intended to encourage, i.e., force, Americans to buy battery-powered vehicles (BEVs). Some cities have already established zones Continue reading How to Tax ICEs