Want to Fly? Bring Garbage

The number of airline passengers is projected to more than double by 2035. Simultaneously, airlines could be prohibited from using jet fuel made from oil if the UNFCCC and EPA have their way. Jet fuel made from oil emits CO2, Continue reading Want to Fly? Bring Garbage

Fossil Fuels Critical for National Defense

Make no mistake, war and combat operations are wasteful. The objective is to win with the fewest possible casualties, not save money or material. During peacetime it’s important to save money while maintaining a powerful military, but the objective isn’t Continue reading Fossil Fuels Critical for National Defense

Buying RINs Cheaper than Ethanol

Congress mandated the amount of biofuels that must be included in gasoline and diesel fuel. “Refiners, blenders, and importers can meet their obligations by either selling required biofuel volumes or purchasing RINs from parties that exceed their requirements.” This year, Continue reading Buying RINs Cheaper than Ethanol

High Gasoline Prices and RINs

By now, most people realize that putting corn, a food, into the gas tank is immoral. It’s also a terrible economic policy that steals money from consumers … money that could be used to pay every day expenses or be Continue reading High Gasoline Prices and RINs

Biofuel Promises

Many promises have been made concerning biofuels, but can those promises be kept? Periodically some type of biofuel is splashed across the headlines. Algae was the darling of the media a few months ago. Earlier it was all about cellulosic Continue reading Biofuel Promises

Logistics and Printing

Logistical issues should put an end to Secretary of The Navy, Ray Mabus’ dangerous obsession of burdening the Navy with bio-fuels. An area in which Secretary Mabus could devote some valuable resources is the development of printing. Printing could alleviate Continue reading Logistics and Printing