Dangerous and Fool Hardy 2

The armed forces shouldn’t be used as a laboratory for experimenting with methods for cutting Green House Gas emissions (GHG). In spite of this, the Secretary of the Navy Mabus persists in his efforts to create a “green fleet”. Now Continue reading Dangerous and Fool Hardy 2

Energy Clarity

Political rhetoric will engulf the nation over the next few months, and “clean energy” will command center stage.  “Clean energy” is categorized as the opposite of dirty, pollutant and CO2 emitting fossil fuels. CO2 will be called a pollutant, which Continue reading Energy Clarity

Biofuel Mandates

Why are biofuels being forced onto America? This year the EPA has mandated that 8.65 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol be mixed with gasoline. If a producer can’t obtain cellulosic ethanol to mix with its gasoline, it must pay a Continue reading Biofuel Mandates

Latest on Biofuels

The Wall Street Journal had a glowing article about the latest development for using algae to produce ethanol. A casual reader would assume that the age of “algae” was at hand, possibly to replace the age of “oil”. The article Continue reading Latest on Biofuels

VCs in the Energy World

Venture Capitalists have been extremely successful in the digital arena. Moore’s law has benefited nearly everything digital. The energy arena is very different, and the question is open as to whether VCs will be successful in this arena. The VC Continue reading VCs in the Energy World