Summer in Australia

…Summer in Australia… Blackouts seem to be the norm in the states of South Australia and Victoria. Two years ago while I was in Australia, there was a blackout in South Australia that lasted for more than a day. People Continue reading Summer in Australia

Americans Are Being Badly Served

…Americans Are Being Badly Served… Activists who support radical action to combat climate change will not listen to opposing views, and will, in fact, attack anyone who tries to bring forth facts that undermine their beliefs. For example, Senator Whitehouse Continue reading Americans Are Being Badly Served

DOE Confirms Threat to Grid Reliability

…DOE Confirms Threat to Grid Reliability… Several previous articles explored whether grid reliability was being endangered when RTO/ISOs used auctions to select which generation source to use. The initial article described how oil saved New England from blackouts this past Continue reading DOE Confirms Threat to Grid Reliability

Living on the Edge

…Living on the Edge… With all the media attention given to the benefits of wind and solar and the negative aspects of fossil fuels, it’s worth examining what’s happening in countries that have invested heavily in wind and solar. There Continue reading Living on the Edge

Blackouts Are Coming to New England

…Blackouts Are Coming to New England… According to a study done by the New England Independent System Operator (ISO-NE), there is a virtual certainty New England will experience blackouts over the next few years. The ISO-NE, Fuel Security Analysis ran Continue reading Blackouts Are Coming to New England

The Talk Heard Around the World

…The Talk Heard Around the World… Tony Abbott, MP, former Prime Minister of Australia, spoke in London at the 2017 Annual GWPF Lecture on October 9, and his comments have reverberated around the world. Australia has suffered blackouts as the Continue reading The Talk Heard Around the World