Coal and the Unreachable Climate Goal

While the Obama administration continues to promote its war on coal, and fossil fuels in general, coal usage worldwide continues at a brisk pace. While silly movies, like Before the Flood, promote COP 21 goals, the world continues to favor Continue reading Coal and the Unreachable Climate Goal

Hazy, Lazy Reporting

News stories about clean energy frequently announce, with fervor, that a new installation of wind or solar, or some other uneconomic method for generating electricity, can produce enough electricity to serve X number of homes. This is supposed to establish Continue reading Hazy, Lazy Reporting

Paying for Carbon

It’s fashionable in some circles to promote placing a price on carbon. For example, Mayor Bloomberg, of New York City, and Al Gore, are two prominent politicians who believe CO2 emissions should be cut – the UN says 80% by Continue reading Paying for Carbon

Clean Coal Debacle

The coal industry has created a problem for itself by saying that “clean coal” refers to Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plants where CO2 is captured and stored underground. IGCC plants are exorbitantly expensive to build, costing twice as Continue reading Clean Coal Debacle