An Objective Look at Deep Water Drilling

…An Objective Look at Deep Water Drilling… After a long hiatus, deepwater drilling is beginning to grow once again. The Saudi induced oil shock of the recent past, i.e., 2015, that caused oil prices to crash, coupled with the disaster Continue reading An Objective Look at Deep Water Drilling

The Good and Evil of Methane Hydrates

Extreme environmentalists claim that Methane Hydrates are a curse that will put mankind over the global warming tipping point. They claim, that as the Earth warms, the tundra will melt and release methane into the atmosphere, and that an ice Continue reading The Good and Evil of Methane Hydrates

What Happened to Bio-Diesel?

Suggestions for replacing diesel oil include bio-diesel made from grease, Jatropha oil, palm oil and soybeans. The United States uses 4 million barrels of distillates every day, with diesel fuel representing about two-thirds of the 4 million bbls/day. Articles on Continue reading What Happened to Bio-Diesel?

Government Misinformation

Time and again in recent years we have seen government agencies overreach, especially when it comes to environmental issues. The latest example is the effort by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). NCAR produced a slick video that showed Continue reading Government Misinformation

Drilling for Oil is Beneficial

The United States imports over half its oil because of a perceived shortage of oil. Factually, this has been a self-imposed shortage. The United States has an abundance of oil that can’t be accessed because of government regulations. The United Continue reading Drilling for Oil is Beneficial