TX and CA: Canaries in the Coal Mine

Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) or Independent System Operator (RTO/ISO)

…TX and CA: Canaries in the Coal Mine… Independent system operators in Texas, i.e, ERCOT, and California, i.e., CAISO, have both recently issued warnings that increased demand for electricity could cause blackouts. Texas experienced devastating blackouts in February, while California Continue reading TX and CA: Canaries in the Coal Mine

Importance of Duck Curve

…Importance of Duck Curve… The Duck Curve was prepared by the California System Operator (CAISO) to depict the pending problems associated with adding more renewables to the grid. There are several ways to evaluate wind and solar. One method evaluates Continue reading Importance of Duck Curve

Misleading Costs for Wind and Solar?

…Misleading Costs for Wind and Solar?… Recently the media has reported that wind and solar were competitive with coal and natural gas for generating electricity. The Wall Street Journal, for example, published an article with a headline, Economic impact of Continue reading Misleading Costs for Wind and Solar?

Wind and Solar Inflict Pain

Actual costs show that wind and solar are more costly than natural gas or coal for generating electricity. Equally important is that wind and solar create problems for utilities and grid operators. This is best explained using the Duck curve Continue reading Wind and Solar Inflict Pain

Tesla Powerblock and the Gigafactory

If Tesla BEVs and Powerwalls can’t use all the batteries being built in the gigafactory, can Tesla’s Powerblock save the day? The factory was built to supply 500,000 Tesla vehicles yearly, but it’s very unlikely Tesla will reach sales of Continue reading Tesla Powerblock and the Gigafactory

The Duck Speaks

The term that’s currently de rigueur, is “over-generation”. It’s supposed to indicate that power generation, using fossil fuels, is being done in excess. What over-generation really means is the “over-generation” of expensive and unreliable electricity by wind and solar. The Continue reading The Duck Speaks