Keystone Pipeline Benefits

Al Gore said, “If approved and built, this pipeline, Keystone XL, would carry the most carbon-intensive source of oil on the planet.” There it is, the real reason why the Obama administration stopped the Keystone pipeline: To avoid CO2 emissions. Continue reading Keystone Pipeline Benefits

The Grid and Sandy

Frequently, when there is a discussion of grid resilience, reliability and the smart grid, Superstorm Sandy is used as the metaphor for what’s wrong with the grid. Here is an introductory paragraph from an article on the smart grid from Continue reading The Grid and Sandy

Harming our Canadian Friends

The United States imported 0.79 million barrels of oil per day (mmb/d) from Venezuela in 2014, while creating policies that make it difficult to import oil from Canada. Oil imports from Venezuela peaked in 1997 at 1.4 mmb/d. U.S. heavy oil Continue reading Harming our Canadian Friends

Sun Power, Part 1

How does the enormous power of the sun affect the earth? Obviously, life on earth depends on the sun, but does the sun affect the earth in unique, perhaps not well understood, ways. Light from the sun, i.e., photons, being Continue reading Sun Power, Part 1

End of Civilization as We Know It Part 2

While a terrorist attack on the grid or a Carrington Event would cause devastation, the ultimate effect would vary because of how the grid is organized, together with the extent of damage caused by the attack or event. The grid Continue reading End of Civilization as We Know It Part 2

Fracking, the Larger Picture

Why is there organized opposition to fracking? That is a difficult question to answer when one considers the great benefits derived from fracking. We only need to look back a few years, less than a decade, to see what fracking Continue reading Fracking, the Larger Picture