Can Coal be Dumped?

The Province of Ontario, Canada has virtually eliminated the use of coal for power generation. Could the United States do the same? Before addressing that question, here is the electricity generation mix for Ontario, Canada1 for 2012. Table 1 Method Continue reading Can Coal be Dumped?

Oil Abundance and US Mideast Involvement

It’s now reasonably certain that North America can become self sufficient in energy by 2020. Self sufficiency in oil, natural gas and coal production, greatly benefits the United States, but it doesn’t necessarily achieve energy independence. The United States benefits from self Continue reading Oil Abundance and US Mideast Involvement

Canada, Friend or Foe, Redux

Two years ago, my article, Canada, Friend or Foe, explained why environmentalists were campaigning to stop the development of Canada’s tar sands. Simply stated, it was because CO2 is emitted during the production of oil from tar sands. Once again, we Continue reading Canada, Friend or Foe, Redux

A Carrington Catastrophe

My February 28, 2012 article, Geomagnetic Storm  described the catastrophe that a large magnetic storm, equivalent in size to the solar storm in 1859, i.e., the Carrington event, could cause. Put simply: A geomagnetic storm of that size would probably Continue reading A Carrington Catastrophe