Fracking and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

It may be several years before we fully understand and appreciate the benefits our country derives from fracking. We already know that chemical companies are planning to invest in the United States by building new plants that will create more Continue reading Fracking and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Looking Ahead to 2013

Critical energy issues loom on the horizon for 2013. Nearly all pertain to potential actions by the Obama administration. Fracking The single most important issue will be how the administration, specifically the EPA, deals with fracking. Until now, the states Continue reading Looking Ahead to 2013

Debate Over Exports and Fracking

How will excess supplies of natural gas and large increases in domestic oil production affect exports? And will they affect imports of oil from Canada? These issues will come front and center when we have the necessary export terminals to Continue reading Debate Over Exports and Fracking

Energy Independence from Fracking

Many experts are now joining the chorus of those who predict North America could become energy independent within ten years. This became evident at recent Congressional hearings. Notable examples of what was told Congress include, The United States has already Continue reading Energy Independence from Fracking

Enough Oil for Independence?

Do we have enough oil to become independent from OPEC? The answer isn’t straight forward because there are differing estimates of oil reserves. The oil industry readily accepts the definition of proven reserves as being, “Proven reserves, those with a Continue reading Enough Oil for Independence?