Wall Street Journal Lurches Left

Until now, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) could be read without concern over the veracity of its articles. That is changing. Today, it’s necessary to verify the facts and content of WSJ articles. On September 14, the WSJ included a Continue reading Wall Street Journal Lurches Left

A California Cancer is Spreading

The UNFCCC COP 21 meeting in Paris this coming December is designed to establish an agreement whereby: (1) Developed nations, including the United States, agree to dramatically cut CO2 emissions, and (2) An annual $100 billion development fund is established Continue reading A California Cancer is Spreading

Energy Efficiency Commonsense

Many organizations are trumpeting the importance of energy efficiency while also making recommendations on how to improve it. People are likely to accept these recommendations without much thought, since improving efficiency is seen as being inherently good. There is a Continue reading Energy Efficiency Commonsense

Climate Change Madness

The President, in his State of the Union Address, said, the country must fight climate change, by passing “a market based [i.e., cap and trade] climate change plan … or I will unleash my administration.” This political rhetoric, if implemented, Continue reading Climate Change Madness