EPA’s War Against CO2

Many have speculated that recent EPA rulings and regulations targeting coal were really aimed at cutting CO2 emissions. Now the EPA proves that the speculation was right. Congress refused to enact Cap & Trade legislation that would target CO2 emissions Continue reading EPA’s War Against CO2

CES as Cap & Trade Light

RES, RPS and now CES are being discussed in Congress and various states. The White Paper on a Clean Energy Standard, published earlier this year by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, makes it clear that there is Continue reading CES as Cap & Trade Light

Why CO2 Remains a Major Concern

While cap & trade appears to be dead in the United States, there is considerable ongoing effort to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050, which is the stated goal of the United Nations and many in this administration. Cutting CO2 Continue reading Why CO2 Remains a Major Concern

Climate Models and the Real World

The anthropogenic global warming (AGW) threat is based on computer models. It’s the temperature projections of computer models that are being used to predict catastrophic global warming and climate change. Should we conclude that the AGW threat is bogus if Continue reading Climate Models and the Real World

Beware the Planners

It’s disheartening when some groups are willing to tell the rest of us how to live. The latest effrontery in this respect is the American Planning Association’s Policy Guide on Planning & Climate Change. Here are a few of the Continue reading Beware the Planners

Energy Policy Diktat

The hue and cry by some people for an energy policy is really a demand for the government to dictate the policy. A CEO from a Fortune 100 U.S. company at Notre Dame’s Sustainability Forum said, “We have no call Continue reading Energy Policy Diktat