Absurdity of Zero-Emission-Vehicles

Previously, it’s been shown that the concept of fuel cell vehicles is fatally flawed. First: The cost of producing and delivering hydrogen to fueling stations is exorbitant. See, Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles, Part 1. Second: The incremental cost, i.e., Continue reading Absurdity of Zero-Emission-Vehicles

The Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles. Part 1

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved Advanced Clean-Car Rules that will result in 1.4 million zero-emission or plug-in (PHEV) cars on the road by 2025, with one-in-every-six (15%) cars sold in 2025 being a zero-emission or PHEV vehicle. Continue reading The Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles. Part 1

EV and PHEV Sales Update

Automobile sales have been gangbusters so far this year: All except EVs and PHEVs. Sales of PHEVs in the first half of 2013 were lower than the second half of 2012. EVs fared better.     PHEV sales EV Sales Continue reading EV and PHEV Sales Update