Americans are the Villains

Global Carbon Footprint map showing country wise status

…Americans are the Villains… Americans are the villains enabling climate change. A new study, Impacts of poverty alleviation on national and global carbon emissions, was summarized as follows:  “Wealth and income are disproportionately distributed among the global population. … Consumption Continue reading Americans are the Villains

US Strategic Minerals Deficiencies

EV sales scenarios vis-a-vis light vehicle production

…US Strategic Minerals Deficiencies… According to the latest report on supply chains, issued June of this year, i.e., The Whitehouse, 100-Day Reviews under Executive Order 14017, three minerals used in Lithium-ion batteries represent a strategic threat to the United States. Continue reading US Strategic Minerals Deficiencies

Harm Caused by Net Zero Carbon Policy

Left scale: Exajoules (EJ). From, Climate Change Reconsidered II: Source: Bithas and Kalimeris, 2016, Figure 2.1, p. 8. Biofuels (blue), are predominantly wood.

…Harm Caused by Net Zero Carbon Policy… It’s the policy of the current administration to achieve net zero carbon by 2050. But, is net “zero carbon”, i.e., net zero CO2, good for the United States and all Americans? Or is Continue reading Harm Caused by Net Zero Carbon Policy

Carbon Capture Nirvana

Article on commercial usage for carbon capture

…Carbon Capture Nirvana… McKinsey & Company has been supporting the AGW position that CO2 is the cause of climate change, and has recently touted carbon capture and usage as a means for cutting CO2 emissions in a “carbon constrained world.” Continue reading Carbon Capture Nirvana

Wall Street Journal Lurches Left

Until now, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) could be read without concern over the veracity of its articles. That is changing. Today, it’s necessary to verify the facts and content of WSJ articles. On September 14, the WSJ included a Continue reading Wall Street Journal Lurches Left