Evaluating Time of Use Pricing

Time of use pricing (TOU) is being proposed to allow people to align their usage of electricity to when it is least costly to produce. This is sometimes referred to as time of day pricing. Electricity is most costly to Continue reading Evaluating Time of Use Pricing

Impressive Paris COP 21 Climate Change Meeting

Dateline: November 29, 2015 It’s the evening of November 29, 2015, and M. Laurent Fabius, COP 21 President, was in the building at Le Bourget, a few kilometers outside of Paris, where the momentous COP 21 meeting was to take Continue reading Impressive Paris COP 21 Climate Change Meeting

Alarmists Pull Out All the Stops

Big marches, emotional speeches and new reports about climate change are part of the big push to achieve a new climate treaty in Paris next year. Among the plethora of misinformation about global warming is a new report, Better Growth, Continue reading Alarmists Pull Out All the Stops

The Camel’s Nose

The EPA’s proposal for cutting CO2 30% by 2030 seems innocuous. Some industry commentators have even been quoted as saying the rules could have been more severe, and that they will be able to comply with the rules without too Continue reading The Camel’s Nose

War On People

EPA’s proposal to cut CO2 emissions 30% has dominated the news, but it’s important to step back and examine the whole picture. The EPA’s proposal is only one of several attempts by radical environmentalists to conduct a war against people, Continue reading War On People

Wind Farm Locations

Wind farms come in various ratings and dimensions. Knowing where wind turbines are located, and what the physical dimensions are for each turbine, should be helpful for those who are either interested in how wind turbines are affecting certain locations, Continue reading Wind Farm Locations