End of Civilization as We Know It Part 2

While a terrorist attack on the grid or a Carrington Event would cause devastation, the ultimate effect would vary because of how the grid is organized, together with the extent of damage caused by the attack or event. The grid Continue reading End of Civilization as We Know It Part 2

End of Civilization as We Know It

A solar storm, similar to the one in 1859, known as the Carrington Event, could cause the grid to fail, cutting off electricity across the northern United States, from Boston to Seattle, for at least a year. At least 200 Continue reading End of Civilization as We Know It

Watch the Sun

Watching the sun could provide clues about global warming1. In 1800, William Herschel, a leading astronomer, established that the price of wheat was linked to the number of sunspots. During years of good weather wheat was plentiful and the price Continue reading Watch the Sun

Crucial Warming Question

What is the role of the Sun in global warming and climate change? At present it’s not possible to answer that question in its entirety, but it does play a role. Understanding the Sun’s role may be the most important Continue reading Crucial Warming Question

Sun Spots

Sun spots can have a powerful effect on the Earth. Sun spots create magnetic storms that can threaten the grid. See A Carrington Catastrophe, January 2013. A solar storm equivalent to the 1862 Carrington event could destroy power transformers across Continue reading Sun Spots

A Carrington Catastrophe

My February 28, 2012 article, Geomagnetic Storm  described the catastrophe that a large magnetic storm, equivalent in size to the solar storm in 1859, i.e., the Carrington event, could cause. Put simply: A geomagnetic storm of that size would probably Continue reading A Carrington Catastrophe