Patriots Can Eliminate RFS Mandates

…Patriots Can Eliminate RFS Mandates… More light needs to be focussed on Renewable Fuels Standards (RFS) legislation. It has become a major farm subsidy that lacks merit. It’s riddled with corruption and possible fraud in the use of Renewable Identification Continue reading Patriots Can Eliminate RFS Mandates

A Pipe Dream

Cellulosic ethanol has been a pipe dream from the very beginning. Cellulosic ethanol started to receive media attention around 2002. Iogen, an early proponent of cellulosic ethanol, completed its first demonstration plant in 2001. Now, having found the North American Continue reading A Pipe Dream

Ethanol 15%

Biofuel policy has been a field of dreams, where government policy mandated the use of a product that didn’t exist. The EPA insisted that companies obtain waivers in the form of RINs, at a cost of millions of dollars, when Continue reading Ethanol 15%

Forcing Ethanol Down American Throats

Several events happened on the way to the glorious future of biofuels. First, there has been a failure to develop cellulosic ethanol, i.e., ethanol made from non-food sources such as corn stover and switchgrass. Next, the United States is using Continue reading Forcing Ethanol Down American Throats

Misbegotten Ethanol Policy

This year’s drought should highlight the importance of ending the corn-ethanol program. The USDA originally forecast a record crop of 14.8 billion bushels for 2012. They have been cutting the forecast since the effects of the drought have become apparent. Continue reading Misbegotten Ethanol Policy

Defense Dollars Wasted

While the Department of Defense (DOD) budget is being eviscerated and our fighting ability emasculated, the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, is forcing the Navy to spend money on biofuels. The latest example of this was the Navy’s purchase Continue reading Defense Dollars Wasted