Can Nuclear Power be Saved?

…Can Nuclear Power be Saved?… The immediate threat to nuclear power is the use of auctions by various RTO/ISOs. The longer-term threat to nuclear power in the United States is the high cost of construction and the public’s irrational fear Continue reading Can Nuclear Power be Saved?

Reversing a Long Standing Wrong

Environmental groups have used fear of radiation to scare Americans into believing that all radiation is dangerous, and that nuclear power is dangerous because of radiation … no matter how small the dose. The linear no-threshold model (LNT), used by Continue reading Reversing a Long Standing Wrong

More on Radiation

Before Fukushima, Chernobyl had been the worst accident at a nuclear power plant and the accident killed 31 of the early responders very quickly. What’s being reported from Fukushima is all about what’s happening now, and can’t predict what the Continue reading More on Radiation

Few Radiation Problems from Fukushima

We now have had three nuclear disasters, with, for the most part, little effect on people from radiation. The latest report from the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effect of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) says that radiation from the Fukushima Continue reading Few Radiation Problems from Fukushima

Radiation Fears

Radiation is no more sinister than water. One major difference is that we can see water, while radiation has to be measured with instruments. Radiation comes from the rocks in the ground and from space. We are surrounded by radiation Continue reading Radiation Fears