China’s Role in Climate Change

CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels and cement production

China has committed to being carbon neutral by 2060. Can the world rely on this commitment? With China continuing to build coal-fired power plants at an astonishing rate, China must have a different view of climate change than does the Anglosphere. Lindzen points out that China’s rulers are technically educated while those in the Anglosphere are largely not. He suggests that China considers threats from CO2, if any, as being manageable. Continue reading China’s Role in Climate Change

Should America’s Future Rely on BEVs? Part 2

International Energy Agency (IEA) establishes the three top countries in extracting and processing the minerals needed to transition to a zero carbon economy

…Should America’s Future Rely on BEVs? Part 2… In Part 1, we saw that hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and internal combustion powered vehicles (ICEs) produced no more CO2 emissions than battery powered vehicles (BEVs), unless the source of electricity for Continue reading Should America’s Future Rely on BEVs? Part 2

Rare Earth Elements and America’s Security

World Rare Earth Mining Production

Rare earths are vital to the manufacture of critical new products, especially those products required for emerging technologies and national defense.

Neodymium, for example, is used in powerful permanent magnets needed for hybrid cars and electric vehicles, as well as for wind turbines. 

Rare earths, such as europium and terbium are used in LCDs, LEDs, TV’s, CAT Scanners, and MRIs. Continue reading Rare Earth Elements and America’s Security

Fascinating Energy Efficiency Assertions

…Fascinating Energy Efficiency Assertions… (The following article was published in November 2015 and is still relevant today. It is repeated now, with updates, by an associate, while I do not have access to the Internet.) Extreme environmental organizations preach that Continue reading Fascinating Energy Efficiency Assertions