Fascinating Energy Efficiency Assertions

The view of a huge residential apartment building

…Fascinating Energy Efficiency Assertions… (The following article was published in November 2015 and is still relevant today. It is repeated now, with updates, by an associate, while I do not have access to the Internet.) Extreme environmental organizations preach that Continue reading Fascinating Energy Efficiency Assertions

Dumping Is Bad

Details of Steel Imports from WSJ

…Dumping Is Bad… Considerable media attention has been given to tariffs, and the dumping of steel at below cost. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published the accompanying chart showing steel production and steel imports by country. In its article, the Continue reading Dumping Is Bad

The Truth About Coal, China, and Smog

…The Truth About Coal, China, and Smog… Environmental extremists, especially those wedded to the CO2 hypothesis for global warming, have repeatedly reported on China’s smog and how coal-fired power plants were to blame. An expert on China, Xizhou Zhou, at Continue reading The Truth About Coal, China, and Smog

China Moves Ahead, While US Falls Behind

..China Moves Ahead, While US Falls Behind… China has consolidated its nuclear power industry by combining two major Chinese nuclear companies, CNEC and CNNC, into a single powerhouse. The new company will have 150,000 employees. For comparison, Google has 72,000. Continue reading China Moves Ahead, While US Falls Behind

Snake Oil Salesmen and Electric Vehicles

…Snake Oil Salesmen and Electric Vehicles… Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and transportation are receiving a great deal of attention from individuals hustling audiences. New technologies are disrupting traditional businesses. Legitimate arguments can be made about the effect of a new Continue reading Snake Oil Salesmen and Electric Vehicles

China Leads the Way

…China Leads the Way… Ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plants are 45% more efficient than typical subcritical power plants. Ultra-supercritical plants are now referred to as High Efficiency Low Emissions (HELE) power plants. China has focused on HELE plants to confront its Continue reading China Leads the Way