Wind and National Security

Several questions have been raised about whether rotating blades on wind turbines are interfering with radar at airports and military installations. There have been several confrontations between military installations and wind farm developers, including: Boardman Naval Weapons System Training Facility Continue reading Wind and National Security

Storage is Essential for Wind and Solar

  Electricity must be generated as it’s being used, so that demand and supply are always kept in balance. This is a critical factor with respect to unreliable, wind and solar. When the wind stops blowing or the sun stops Continue reading Storage is Essential for Wind and Solar

All Generation Methods Aren’t Equal, Pt 1

Renewables have been promoted as clean energy without much attention being given to their cost or effectiveness. This results in an illusory view of renewables, which these two articles address. The different types of power generation equipment, from coal-powered steam Continue reading All Generation Methods Aren’t Equal, Pt 1

Watching Germany’s Endangered Utilities

Earlier articles have described the effect that Energiewende is having on Germany, with its effort to have 80% of electricity from renewables by 2050, and how, at only 22%, the power generation and delivery system is already being stressed to Continue reading Watching Germany’s Endangered Utilities