Opportunities Lost

Richard Kauffman, New York State chairman of energy and finance, wants to stimulate markets by using subsidies since many clean energy projects are inherently uneconomic. He also wants to use psychology to get consumers to take actions they probably would Continue reading Opportunities Lost

The Green Strategy Behind Solar and Wind

Groups supporting wind turbines, PV solar and concentrating solar have been very successful. The purported underlying motive of these groups is to cut CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels with so-called renewables, but rather than campaigning to cut CO2 emissions, Continue reading The Green Strategy Behind Solar and Wind

A View into Incomprehensible Legislation

The complexity of Bills in the House and Senate discourages transparency and create an environment where complexity is encouraged as a method for denying Americans an opportunity to know what their leaders are doing. Obviously, few in Congress would acknowledge Continue reading A View into Incomprehensible Legislation

Solar Reality

An Arizona Public Service (APS) General Manager spoke the truth about net metering when she said, “[with] net metering, and other rate factors, fewer customers must share these fixed costs, which cause their rates to rise. This spirals until the Continue reading Solar Reality

Energy Clarity

Political rhetoric will engulf the nation over the next few months, and “clean energy” will command center stage.  “Clean energy” is categorized as the opposite of dirty, pollutant and CO2 emitting fossil fuels. CO2 will be called a pollutant, which Continue reading Energy Clarity