Destroying Energy Security, Part 3

…Destroying Energy Security, Part 3… This is the last of three articles examining the potential effects of incorporating climate change and sustainability measurements in audited financial statements. Note that the SEC’s current proposals are restricted to climate change, while international Continue reading Destroying Energy Security, Part 3

The Politics of Energy, Part 1

…The Politics of Energy, Part 1… The United States is blessed with abundant energy resources and can be energy independent if it chooses.  How should the United States use its energy resources in the face of very real threats to Continue reading The Politics of Energy, Part 1

Reliability is Everything

Wind Solar Material Capability Analysis

…Reliability is Everything… A recent Wall Street Journal article, The Power Struggle, raised the importance of grid reliability, but claimed that electric grid failures were caused by climate change. The claim that climate risk is undermining grid reliability is an Continue reading Reliability is Everything

Another Voice

Heller Sample

…Another Voice… This posting will introduce Tony Heller, if you are not already familiar with him. Use this link to access his video: http:/  I have  found his videos to be accurate, though I have read criticisms by those promoting Continue reading Another Voice

Peak Oil Politically Motivated Conjecture

Pinocchio. Photo by D. Dears

…Peak Oil Politically Motivated Conjecture… DNV GL has published Energy Transition Outlook 2018, consisting of two reports, A global and regional forecast to 2050, and, Oil and Gas Forecast to 2050. (DNV GL is an international accredited registrar and classification Continue reading Peak Oil Politically Motivated Conjecture

EIA is in the Crosshairs

There has been a hue and cry over the Trump transition team asking DOE for explicit information, with a list of 74 questions. The media has criticized the questions as a witch hunt targeting scientists. Michael Halpern of The Union Continue reading EIA is in the Crosshairs