Peak Oil Politically Motivated Conjecture

Pinocchio. Photo by D. Dears

…Peak Oil Politically Motivated Conjecture… DNV GL has published Energy Transition Outlook 2018, consisting of two reports, A global and regional forecast to 2050, and, Oil and Gas Forecast to 2050. (DNV GL is an international accredited registrar and classification Continue reading Peak Oil Politically Motivated Conjecture

Energy Platform Comparisons

What follows are quotations from the platforms of the Democrat and Republican parties relating directly to energy issues. Emphasis has been added, but no changes to words have been made. Each statement is a direct quote. These platforms are dramatically Continue reading Energy Platform Comparisons

A Great Course Failure

This is the second in a group of articles describing what’s being taught in colleges and universities about energy and energy issues. In this instance, I purchased a course, the Science of Energy, published by the Great Courses. I felt Continue reading A Great Course Failure

Global Warming Science isn’t Settled

Ever since the 2011 CLOUD experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), alarmists have tried to denigrate the results, claiming it’s a myth that cosmic rays can affect global warming. Some alarmists web sites, such as Skeptical Science, Continue reading Global Warming Science isn’t Settled