A Great Course Failure

This is the second in a group of articles describing what’s being taught in colleges and universities about energy and energy issues. In this instance, I purchased a course, the Science of Energy, published by the Great Courses. I felt Continue reading A Great Course Failure

Global Warming Science isn’t Settled

Ever since the 2011 CLOUD experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), alarmists have tried to denigrate the results, claiming it’s a myth that cosmic rays can affect global warming. Some alarmists web sites, such as Skeptical Science, Continue reading Global Warming Science isn’t Settled

How To Harm Americans

Millions of Americans must drive their cars to work every day. Millions must also drive their cars to the store, to the dry cleaners and to church. The low price of oil and the concurrent low price of gasoline has Continue reading How To Harm Americans

The Myth of More Severe Storms

Radical environmentalists continue to claim that CO2 emissions cause climate change and that global warming, aka, climate change, will bring more severe storms. Every year, the facts prove them wrong. 2015 is the second year in a row that no Continue reading The Myth of More Severe Storms

Obama’s Escalating War on Fossil Fuels

The administration’s war on coal has been well documented. To a certain extent, it was thwarted by the remarkable advances in fracking and the extraordinary increase in natural gas production. The shift from coal-fired power generation to natural gas has Continue reading Obama’s Escalating War on Fossil Fuels

Sun Power, Part 1

How does the enormous power of the sun affect the earth? Obviously, life on earth depends on the sun, but does the sun affect the earth in unique, perhaps not well understood, ways. Light from the sun, i.e., photons, being Continue reading Sun Power, Part 1